Thursday Thot: Books that changed my life week

THE WRITER’S JOURNEY (1992) by Christopher Vogler helped me realize that good stories are everywhere, and they have a definite structure related to a spiritual desire present in us all. Vogler explains the “Mythic structure for storytellers and writers” by using examples of great literature and movies to prove that our favorite tales resonate so deeply with so many people because they follow the path of the age old legend of the hero. By mythic structure Vogler highlights the ground breaking studies of philosopher Joseph Campbell in his work called THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES published in 1968. As I explain briefly to my students, a myth expresses a means by which to understand. Myths present understanding in a way that the human mind appreciates. Mythology tells a story using metaphors or symbols to represent ideas and allows the reader to come to their own decisions, to arrive at their own unique comprehension of why something is the way it is. Reading THE WRITER’S JOURNEY showed me the validity of arranging a work of fiction so that the character and reader simultaneously discover the inevitable changes inherent with every hero’s journey.


“A myth is a special kind of story that deals with the gods or the forces of creation, and the relationship of those forces to human beings. Not all modern stories are myths, not do they all have mythic dimensions, but the stories we tell today have much in common with the ancient energy of myths. The structural patterns and archetypal characters of myths provide the basis of all modern storytelling, and all writers should be familiar with these elements.” (THE WRITER’S JOURNEY, Christopher Vogler.)


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