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Welcome to my writing home where I offer everyone information and ideas for how to create and sustain a writing career.

A successful writing career is more than just “what if”. It takes a comprehensive approach that covers all the bases in life to have the creativity, time, and health necessary to be a great writer.

I created my own freelance writing world through study, trial, and error then put my ideas into a practice I call Writer Wellness. From there, my first published book evolved. Writer Wellness: A Writer’s Path to Health and Creativity (Headline Books, Inc., 2020) is an award-winning, customizable approach for any writer of any genre at any stage of development designed to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and a satisfying writing career.

The opportunities are wide open to anyone using my five key concepts for journaling, fitness, relaxation, nutrition, and creativity to know a fulfilling life as a writer. Actually, anyone seeking happiness and good health can reap the rewards of my program. Join me and “be well, write well!”

More about me:

*Author – “Writer Wellness: A Writer’s Path to Health and  Creativity”

*Teacher –  Educator & workshop leader

*Editor –  Freelance editor & writing coach

*Speaker –  Keynotes, workshops, etc.

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Be well, write well!