Friday Feast: Independently Sweet

I love sugar. This isn’t a post about the evils of sugar. I love sugar, but too much of anything refined and white is apparently unwise. Just think obesity and cavities. If sugar didn’t sneak its way into everything we eat and drink, we might stand a fighting chance of monitoring the amount we ingest. Alas, they are making the decisions for us and dumping sugar into our bloodstreams like toxic waste from a chemical plant in the middle of the night.

If we are to be aware of the amount of sugar we take in, the first job is to read food labels. Yes, it’s a silly feeling to be blocking an aisle in the grocery store while reading the criminally miniscule print on the side of spaghetti sauce. Yes, it takes more time to shop when we stop and read the contents of what we’re buying. Yes, it makes a difference. It makes us look important too. Don’t be surprised if while reading labels in the grocery store someone asks you what aisle the tuna is in. The first job is to read labels.

The second job is to know what means sugary goodness besides sugar. Look for high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, sucrose, sorbitol, and beet sugar. Here’s a cool list of 50 other names for sugar

The third job is to limit the products purchased with sugars in them.

The fourth job is to choose sweeteners and add them to food instead of relying on the whims of manufacturers to decide how much of the sweet stuff is in our food. What are they hiding anyway? Some alternative choices for sweet goodness are stevia, xylotol, and agave nectar. They are all plant based and a little goes a long way. It takes some trial and error to find alternative sweeteners that are not chemicals and that your mouth will tolerate. But it’s worth the effort. Real sugar is okay, but just like anything else it’s okay in moderation.

What do you sweeten your tea with?

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