Book Coaching

Be brave. Write a book. Let us help you every step of the way.  


$195.00 per hour plus tax for one-to-one sessions via Zoom, email, telephone, Google docs, and/or letter customized to your writing needs. Schedule one or twenty sessions. The hourly rate is the same. Click this link to schedule INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSIONS $195.00 PER HOUR

Option 7: SIX-MONTH BOOK COACHING $3,000.00

$3,000.00 plus tax. A flat rate applies to nonfiction and fiction up to an 80,000-word project. Anything over 80,000 words is subject to additional fees. Please contact me for rates. Payment can be made in full via PayPal or Square. This is a RELATIONSHIP option meant to support a writer at whatever stage they may be with the items listed below. It includes support, regular conversation, emails, and editorial commentary in Track Changes. Editing is a separate option (see above rates.) Book coaching does not include editing services, but sessions/emails will contain material and suggestions for how and why the writer can improve the submission. This book coach asks a lot of questions to get the writer thinking on their own. You can work with a book coach at any stage in the writing process from initial concept to finished product. Expect to come out of the six-month coaching process with a new perspective and not necessarily a finished product. A book coach is a shepherd to guide you in the right direction based on their expertise, experience, and training. What is included: _Initial 30-minute consultation via Zoom/telephone to determine if we are a good fit is FREE. _Initial manuscript analysis letter (included) _12 one-hour bi-weekly meetings either via Zoom, phone, etc. (included) _Up to a total of 48 weekly emails of average length (included; no more than 2 per week) _Writer must submit a minimum number of new words/typewritten pages by deadline twice per month determined by the genre and agreed upon in the initial contract. _A book coach contributes to a variety of elements including the writing process, outlining, avoiding writer’s block, time management, goal setting, organization, brainstorming, polishing/perfecting, accountability/meeting deadlines, first draft analysis, and initial discussion about publishing depending on where the writer is at the beginning of the coaching program. The final product of book coaching depends on where the writer is at the beginning of the relationship. __This must be completed over six consecutive months.  Additional fees will apply if the client needs to extend the project beyond six months. Click this link to schedule SIX-MONTH BOOK COACHING $3,000.00  

General Notes

Important General information There are no refunds. This is a service product that sometimes results in products such as a letter or comments in Track Changes. I cannot get my time back after spending it. I guarantee that I will do the work. I do not guarantee that you will like it. My areas of specialty: journal therapy, art journaling, short story, novella, novel-length fiction in a variety of genres, non-fiction books and articles, academic papers in the arts and health/fitness/wellness, creative non-fiction, personal essay, memoir, legacy letters, blogs, white papers, limited children’s and middle-grade fiction, and newsletter copy. I’m most comfortable editing in MLA and Chicago Manual of Style formats. Most work is completed in two to six weeks from receipt of payment in full unless other arrangements have been made (except for book coaching.) Quicker turnarounds are charged an additional fee. Signed agreement and payment in full are required before any work is started. I reserve the right to refuse projects because of schedule constraints or unsuitability. Payment via PayPal and Square (all credit cards accepted at these sites.) I can only work with English submissions at this time. I offer a 5% discount on all services to veterans.